1964 ½ Ford Mustang

In April 17th 1964 Ford Motor Company released their new sporty car, the Mustang, to the general public at the New York World’s Fair. The car was well received by the public, selling sold over 22,000 Mustangs on first day. It was heavily customizable from the factory with many options for every customer and price range. There were several engines available and two body styles, a hard top coupe and a convertible. Sales far exceeded expectations with a total of 126,538 for the short 64′ model year.

Body Styles
Body Style Code Body Description Production Total Factory Price Shipping Weight
07 2 door hard-top coupe 97,705 $2,368 2,449
08 2 door convertible 28,833 $2,614 2,615

Engine Options
Engine Serial Number Engine Description CID Bore & Stroke Main Bearings Carburetor Model Compression Max Horsepower
U Inline Six 170 3.50×2.94 7 C30F-9510-G 8.7:1 101@4400RPM
F V8 260 3.80×2.87 5 C50F-9510-E 8.8:1 164@4400RPM
D Challenger V8 289 4.00×2.87 5 C40F-9510-AL 9.0:1 210@4400RPM
K Challenger High-Performance V8 289 4.00×2.87 5 C40F-9510-AL 10.5:1 271@6000RPM

Color Options
Color Name Color Code
Raven Black A
Pagoda Green B
Dynasty Green D
Guardsman Blue F
Rangoon Red J
Silversmoke Gray K
Wimbledon White M
Prairie Bronze P
Cascade Green S
Sunlight Yellow V
Vintage Burgundy X
Skylight Blue Y
Chantilly Beige Z
Poppy Red 3
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