1967 Ford Mustang

In 1967 the Mustang received a host of upgrades including new sheet metal and a larger engine bay capable of accepting big block engines. Ford added the 390-cid into the engine lineup which added additional low end torque and boosted the Mustang’s horsepower output to 320.

Body Styles
Body Style Code Body Description Production Total Factory Price Shipping Weight
07 2 door hard-top coupe 356,271 $2,461 2,578
08 2 door convertible 44,808 $2,698 2,738
09 2 door fastback coupe 71,042 $2,592 2,605

Engine Options
Engine Serial Number Engine Description CID Bore & Stroke Main Bearings Carburetor Model Compression Max Horsepower
T Mustang Six-Cylinder 200 3.68×3.13 7 Holley one-barrel 9.2:1 120@4400RPM
C Challenger 289 V8 289 4.00×2.87 5 Holley two-barrel 9.3:1 200@4400RPM
A Challenger 289 V8 289 4.00×2.87 5 Holley four-barrel 9.8:1 225@4800RPM
K High-Performance V8 289 4.00×2.87 5 Holley four-barrel 10.5:1 271@6000RPM
Z Challenger High-Performance V8 390 4.00×3.78 5 Holley four-barrel 10.5:1 320@4600RPM

Color Options
Color Name Color Code
Raven Black A
Wimbledon White M
Light Blue F
Light Beige H
Dark Blue Metallic K
Medium Palomino Metallic P
Dark Green Metallic R
Candy Apple Red T
Medium Turquoise Metallic U
Emberglo Metallic V
Maroon Metallic X
Light Blue Metallic Y
Medium Sage Metallic Z
Signal Flare Red 5
Springtime Yellow 8
Medium Silver Metallic 4
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